The Dangers of Getting Older...

Alternately entitled - you should see the other guy!

So yes I am apparently getting OLD - I started the weekend off by taking a nasty spill in the shower - yep sign me up for the old folks home - apparently it is no longer safe to shower without the hand rails!
So after a little slip n slide I walked away with this lovely prize and a possible fractured elbow - I managed to wish away the fracture and all is well, but this little goose egg hurts like hell!!!

------------- my mother's response when I sent this -------------------
these will look even better in a few more days... plus there will be probably more... you sure your not in a domestic situation????? what does he look like????? just glad they are where they are and not in other places........ love mom
----------------- I love that she knows me so well to ask - what does he look like? And notice she is thankful of where my bruises are, wonder what she would say if she knew i posted them on the internet, so much for hiding those unsightly blemishes! Love ya ma!


    lita, i'm getting you the shower rail for christmas. it may save your life.

    also, who is that connie woman and that was the most awkward video i've ever seen?!