Yellow Lab Puppy - FREE!

Isn't she beautiful people... The story - my friend Davin found her and is keeping her till he hopefully finds her a new home or the true owners step up... Actually I'll just pass on the story and let you decide...


"I'm looking for someone to adopt a beautiful 4-6 month old female Yellow Labrador Puppy. I found her a couple of days ago running the street, I took her to the vet and took her in because shelters here are full and they say that she would only have 3 days to be adopted or she would be put down (killed). She is a sweet, great looking dog and I would love to keep her, but she will be too big to keep with my other dog in an apartment. Let me know if you are interested and pass this on to others who may be interested and we can go from there.I have an ad in the paper and I will give the owner a week or so to turn up, but I want to have a plan "B" in place in the case they don't turn up, so please respond. "

So if you are interested no matter where you are let me know and I'll put yall in touch - yeah you found my soft spot - I move into action over canines!


    On 10:10 AM kimmie said...

    How can I not adopt that puppy?!?!?


    Just stumbled across this post by googling for a puppy lab in Austin. Is this dog gone? I can't find an email address on your website.