July 14, status: Nomad

It's difficult to be a nomad when you have as much product, makeup and wardrobe changes as me... I remember this to be true even as a kid when I would get it in my head that I was going to run away! (This was at least once a week) I had this huge hot pink duffel bag - and I would start packing my stuff to live on the streets and next thing you know the duffel bag is so stuffed the zipper is breaking and so heavy I could barely lift it... why? Well life on the streets doesn't mean you should be without a clean pair of undies everyday, nor should it mean you shouldn't have a towel and washrag, shampoo/conditioner (I had crazy hair as a kid, oh and as an adult) and let's not be without the snacks people! I mean life on the streets should really just be my everyday life at home, with a new location!

So flash forward to today - I have no official home. I realized this last night when my niece Averie asked me "Malita, where do you live?"... I promptly began to answer her and then just kinda stammered "umm, ahh, well, actually...I'm in between homes at the moment."

I am in the process of moving out of the Taylor Draper Cove home (goodbye ridiculously long, difficult to communicate & hard to find/direct people to address) and into the Idlewild (hello hard to spell, hard to communicate and hard to direct people to address).... But along the way I'm staying at Steph's condo while she's in Zambia - taking care of Audrey (high maintenance dog)

So 1/3 of my stuff is at Taylor D, 1/3 at Idlewild and 1/3 at Steph's! Yes 1/3 is at Steph's - the journey required 3 large bags, 1 small bag and a huge makeup bag! Thus the flashback to my childhood and my many attempts to move to the streets. It's not easy!

And now is the moment when I start remembering all the stuff I left behind I need - phone charger, power cord for laptop etc. And oh I need ___ where is it, is it at house A, house B, in my car? And how is it possible that I landed here with 4 different bathing suits, 10 pairs of shoes, 2 curling irons and only managed to bring 4 pairs of undies (yes I still call them undies)? It's a mystery at this point!