Probably going to fall and break a hip next...

First it was the nasty wasp that flew up my dress and stung my hip - a week later my hip became swollen and itched like crazy - stinger painfully removed at last and life went on.

Then came the nasty spill in the shower that resulted in a injured elbow and disgusting bruise - oh and enough jokes about me needing a bar and grandma seat in the shower to last me a lifetime. Ps I am fondly reminded of the injured elbow each morning as I painfully have to stretch it out.

Next was the splinter in the finger that caused it to swell for two days.

Now an injured foot - from the bend in my toe to the ball of my foot I have some kind of sprain! How did this lovely incident occur - oh from me walking. Yep walking did me in - I walked a mile from the tire shop to a friend's house to get her car and then a mile back to get my car - in my flip flops. Yeah 2 miles in flip flops probably not the brightest but my brain is mush right now and I didn't think much of it. Till I woke up this morning with a slightly sore toe. By the end of the day I could barely walk. I prayed for a cain or walker as I painfully strolled in and out of church. And worst part, I can't wear any of my heels!!!! Yes that's the worst part - don't even argue!

Oh the journey of age is a fine one - if I was a horse I'd been shot and used for glue by now!