I am completely a music snob - I don't just love anything....I say that so you will understand how much I truly LOVE this CD and this artist....the fabulous, wonderful and insanely talented Erin Ivey.

Erin departed Austin a little less than a year ago to go to Peoria....yes Peoria. The time there has done her well, NOTHING to distract you in Peoria, so she has written and written and has at last released her first EP. So I got the CD in the mail Saturday and popped it in the car CD. WOW - I was floored by what I heard. I mean I love Erin and know how talented she is but I was not prepared for the greatness that was streaming through my player.

So I highly recommend this CD - check it out you will not be disappointed. Oh and she got a feature on Ink - very cool.... You can also check out her MySpace Page