Cell Phone Rant Pt 2

Ok many of you may remember the now infamous cell phone rant 2006 - the battle continues.

Part Deux is: DON'T, DO NOT - call me earlier than 9am unless you are bleeding, vomiting uncontrollable, being mugged, being held ransom, just won the lottery and want to share it with me etc. You get the idea...

#1 my phone will ring - I do not silence it b/c it is the only phone I have had for years and if there is an emergency I'd hate to miss it b/c I silenced it b/c some dumb A decided to call me at an UNGODLY hour like 7am!

#2 I will be incoherent -I am not a morning person and therefore can not be held accountable to what I say or do not say - in fact it will be a miracle if actual english words even come out of my mouth at that point.

#3 Really this can't wait - you can't call at a more decent time? Like 11?

DO NOT then leave a 10 minute message that I have to sit and listen to and then say "so..call me back". WHY? What else could you possibly need to say!!! Ever heard of paraphrasing? This is a rant in and of itself - why in the world are you still talking, shut up, I'm pressing 7 now delete delete delete!

And early morning texting is no better - why, b/c my phone still makes a noise that most likely wake me up!!!

I think I can almost forgive the drunk dial or drunk text over the early morning I'm up so the rest of the world should be too call!

And speaking of craziness and such this picture is too funny - it's titles employee of the month! And I thought the cell phones in the stall was bad.