Want a Ten Dollar Gift Card - Find Me a Hair Dresser

So this year I have gone through 2 hair dressers! Tragic!! I have always had problems with hair dressers b/c well if you have seen the beast of curly hair you'd know why.

First hair dresser was cheap and didn't give me a fro but she also wasn't imaginative - and there was at times a language/cultural barrier. Second hair dresser (I say this with sincere sadness) got too expensive. She was AWESOME and I loved her but after only going to her once she hiked up her prices to $70 for just a flippin haircut - argggggghhh! Thus my new delimma.

I need a new hairstylist - she must:
  1. Be affordable - no more than $50 is my preference (I'd prefer $45)
  2. Know how to handle natural curly aka kinky hair

If you can provide me a referral that I like you get a $10 gift card of your choosing!


    does it have to be a she?


    so...i saw your link on nicole merrell's blog. kim (hood) audi here. just married a guy who randomly was in turkey (though not with the IMB) when you and i were there for ACTS 2000. daniel audi is his name. you can link to our blog and see if you recognize him. there's a good chance you might - he led worship some for all of us at Hope. i'm assuming that's why i recognized him 5 years later at an event at my new job! a year and a half after actually meeting him for the first time (we never spoke to each other in turkey that summer), we're married!!! and learning what married life is all about!


    Ill take a starbucks card yes?