I've Got Wind to Sell

So apparently Austin's very own and very beloved Whole Food's is selling wind - or rather wind cards!

Apparently WF's "purchased the largest share of wind energy credits in the nation. They became the first major national corporation to buy enough renewable energy credits to make up for all of their energy usage." So now you can buy $5 & $15 wind cards - what do the cards do - not a dang thing - but blow through your money apparently. They are supposed to represent 'credits' - but you don't get anything - but a plastic card to stick on your fridge... hey thanks Whole Food's I have NOTHING to do with my money - I'm so glad you are here to help me figure out a complete waste of it!

OH WAIT - I have it all wrong you say? The money I spend on this card will go towards marketing wind power? Oh my bad!!! Here let me give more to your marketing cause then - what was I selfishly thinking???? I'm so glad someone is getting use of my money!

Hey Whole Food's, stick to feeding the world - one health nut (including myself at times) at a time! Oh but hold on I'm thinking about printing out a bunch of card board cards selling time - for every $5 you give me I'll sell time - just give me your money... I promise I'll do it, and then one day you'll look up and say, "wow look at all this time I have, thanks Malita for helping the world save time by your marketing scheme".... Or maybe I should sell gravity hmmm I'm on it!