We are all connected

Tonight I was having dinner with a friend at Whole Foods - it's always a fun easy spot for dinner - we were eating and enjoying the mild October weather and discussing selfishness and how it is a daily struggle in our life. The conversation went on and we began to talk about vacations - he had thought about going to Africa this next summer. This woman sitting at the table next to us spoke up saying "I couldn't help hearing your conversation about Africa, have you been" Neither of us had but we fell easily into conversation with her.

Her name was Cory and she was a writer and producer, she recently moved here from L.A. She does medical relief work and works with orphans in West Africa. She proceeded to tell us how she got started and the different projects and people she had encountered. It was great talking to her - so we got her website did introductions and went on with our evening. In our world of cell phones, computers and highways we are so disconnected with the general public. As we walked away Brennan pointed out that really we are so connected in a way - everyone has a story and we are not that different, it just takes us taking a minute to say hello and listen. He's right, as I read her blog I realized there were more similarities than differences.

On her sidebar she quotes George Bernard Shaw and then speaks of struggling in her daily life against selfishness. The very topic Brennan and I had just been discussing. The Shaw quote speaks of living life with a purpose and finishing life exhausted. The very things that as a Christian I struggle and pray for in my own life.

I love Texas and I love Austin for this very reason, you don't have to be a stranger to anyone.


    On 1:15 PM Nicole M said...

    Hey Mo! Great blog entries lately. I totally cracked up about the Crocs. I'm with ya sister!

    I'm looking forward to hanging out when you come to FTW!


    lita, thanks for helping out my sister. you are too kind! that's cool about the convo with brennan and the girl named cori. i think we are all connected too - in a "i heart huckabees" sort of way...we're just a soft quilt of humanity all stitched together. ok. i'm not being sarcastic. i mean it.