Will Stand in Line - For Crap

It astounds me what Americans will fight tooth and nail for - their faith, freedoms, political causes? Noooo - stuff - YES and LOTS of it!

Take for example the Round Rock Ikea opening. Let's pop tents and camp out for 3 days and stand in line for hours, to be the first for all the free crap giveaways!!! Hey you mean the crap that in a year we will be tossing into the garage... yep... and in two years we will just be tossing... YEP! Ok let's do it, I'll bring my lap top so we can take off of work, loaf around and watch movies and eat pizza!

Sorry I don't have time to volunteer with any organizations, kids no time to play today, I don't have the money to give to orphan relief and the fight against Aids- I've got a line to stand in!!! Because after this we are on our way to Best Buy to stand in line for hours and hours for a Play Station that is already selling for thousands on Ebay!!!! And now 3 days of my life on this earth are gone - sweet!!!

PS I think I need to get away from local news for a bit - I have been reading the Statesman online to see whats happening in my beloved city - and every day I do my blood pressure gets the best of me!


    On 5:04 PM Anonymous said...

    People are waiting in tents for Ikea? Don't they know they can just drive to Houston and be back in one day if their need for cheap Swedish furniture is so strong? And yes, you can be a guest on the show!

    On 9:14 PM malita said...

    it's b/c ikea was giving away free junk and yes im sure it was junk - the first hour they were open...thus my rant about free crap - God bless America