Cabin Fever

3 days of rain, sleet, snow and ice...

Shawna and I have
1. watched an entire season of 24 (season 4 is the best!!) & The Class (3 times - we love Ritchie - if you haven't watched this show your missing 0ut - CBS)
2. watched Little Miss Sunshine & lots of the weather channel
3. turned our living room into an office - we are really needing a copy machine and fax machine at this point!!!
4. gone through almost all of our groceries - have loved us some soups! Thank you Central Market!!!
5. listened to every work conversation in detail either of us have had - while 24 is paused on the DVD
6. Read - in between everything else.
7. Eat, eat and eat more... no wonder people gain weight in the winter!!!
8. Busted out layer upon thermal layer
9. Buster out the heating pad!!!
10. Watched and laughed as I have had to re situate my self - I mean I've got two blankets, a heating pad, pillow, lap top, cell phone and 3 remotes to situate here - every time I get up to go to the bathroom or grab a bite the drama of resituating takes a toll - Shawna now wishes she had been counting from the beginning to see how many times and how long I do this.

Good thing we get along or we would have killed each other by now!!

What to do on day 4??!! Out of 24 - running low on food - may have to risk it and run to the grocery and video store!!! Life as we know it has stopped b/c of weather - wow!


    On 5:16 PM Casey said...

    Oh my goodness! I can relate! I am so ready for this madness to melt and go away! I'm ready for life to return to normal! I think I've got a BAD case of cabin fever!

    On 5:16 PM Casey said...

    I think I've also got a bad case of "!" overuse.