Ode To The Beast Living in My Shed

To the mouse in my shed that scared the life out of me this afternoon - I heard you rummaging in that bag of curtains I KNEW I shouldn't have put in there - I heard you and your family and friends - sounded like about 30 of you I'm guessing...

Then I saw you - the ring leader - It was only a brief second but trust me I saw you - you and your beady black eyes - your big ears! And I know you saw me - I also know you heard me scream to the top of my lungs - pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard that one - And then you watched me jump and slam the door in your face.

You didn't see me run into the house, lock the door and insist Shawna come find you. She wouldn't and wanted me to open the door to let you out - but its 30 degrees and wet and you and your crew are all bundled up in my old curtains (that I will now never use again) - your not getting out of there are you - your staying in there until the humidity comes.

Fine! Stay in there - don't you even think about coming in my house!!!! Or I will be forced to buy poison - the kind that makes you disintegrate into dust - or a giant cat!