My Mother's Daughter

"Well you are my daughter...."

The words from my dear mother tonight - why - well...

Everyday phrases and ideas pop out of me that I think "oh my gosh that was my mother". Today I went to Ulta to get my free Mascara and a couple of hair "necessities" - (free mascara for being an Ulta member and supporting their business so well)

$57 dollars later I waltzed out the door - to this my mother proclaimed "well you are my daughter".

Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for a few frivolities of life - hair and makeup products are definitely on the list! I have everything you could possibly need. I am currently using 4 different lotions, 5 different body splashes, 5 different sets of shampoo/conditioner and 5 different hair products. My "dirty" little habit.

On the other hand I pack NO products when going to my mothers b/c last time I was there she was using - 5 different lotions, 4 different sets of shampoo/conditioner and 4 different body washes. I have no idea what all she's got in that FOUR tier makeup case and the closet of hair products puts Walgreen's to shame!

Now on the topic of shoes - well that's for a different day.