The Monster Returns

If you will recall - during the "Phantom Ice Storm 2007" I found monsters in my storage shed (aka mice). Well since then I have been scared to death to even go within 10 feet of the shed. In fact the few times I have absolutely had to go in there I had to psych myself into it for a full two days. The new ritual for venturing into the storage unit is now

1. Mental preparation
2. Knock twice to give the monsters a heads up that I am coming in
3. Open quickly and step back, access the situation
4. Quickly grab what I need close door and lock it
5. Run into house

So today Cody & Amanda come by to get boxes - I KNOW where the boxes are - they are in the monster aka mice infested unit! So I go through the ritual and spot the collapsed boxes off to the left. "Wait what is that, is that a stick" - then the "stick" moves!

IT'S A TAIL!!!!!

And there is NO way it's a mouse tail - it was way too long - it has to be a RAT!!! I slam the door, scream and run into the house only to then bump into Cody at the garage door. Of course Cody at heart is a good ol' A&M boy, the perfect person to fight the dreaded beast. Unfortunately being a boy he does not understand what my mind is dealing with at the moment, so the jokes and pranks that follow are completely cruel and not helpful! The monsters have grown - they are getting bigger every day! It's a matter of time before they take the house I know it. Help Me!!!


    lita, this is a very bad, no good, horrible situation. ewwwwwwww!

    my friends in college named their house, the rat trap...they lived off of 38th closer to 35.


    if those cody bro wont do the job, you might need a different cody. cody banks to be precise!