Confessions of an Elementary Teacher

So I have a friend - we will call her Mrs. X - Mrs. X is an elementary teacher in an undisclosed region of the U.S. - and most importantly she is the bearer of the most marvelous stories. I have decided to feature the stories here on my blog - but to protect the "innocent" names, dates and places will always be omitted.

Story of the day: Ratting on the Rents

Little Bobby was walking back to his kindergarten class with his small group reading teacher. Being the Dennis-the-Menace type student that he is, no one was ever sure of what would escape from Bobby's mouth. This day was no different. As Bobby and the teacher walked down the hallway with the other small group students, Bobby looked up at Mrs. Smith and asked that she pray for his daddy.
Not knowing what was about to unfold, Mrs. Smith replied with genuine concern, "Of course, I will pray for your daddy. What is wrong?"
"Well," Bobby answered, "his nuts itch really bad."
Stifling the laughter, Mrs. Smith gave a quick response and returned him to class. With Bobby out of her sight, the laughter ensued. Poor Bobby's daddy....little does he know that his prayer requests are being shared with school staff.
There is a lesson to be learned: you never know what your kids will share at school!


    On 7:37 AM kate said...

    hehehehe....i heard this story from "mrs. x" too! love it...definitely one of the best.