Movie Night at the Geriatric Club

So we went to see "Georgia Rule" tonight. At this point I had seen one preview, months ago, so I didn't really know much about it.

First off we are a bit alarmed - there were very few attendees under the age of 75 ... My neighbor to the left was trying to kill gnats that are only buzzing near her, could it be because she was holding a tasty little movie theater hot dog that was causing the theater to wreak? Are we at the ballpark?

Basically to sum it up - this movie gets an F. The story line was just off - the character development was lacking and in typical Garry Marshall fashion he threw in a lot of the same faces just f0r the nostalgia of it all - do these actors travel in packs with him (referencing Runaway Bride, The Princess Diaries, Raising Helen etc... )

It was even more sad to hear the others say things like "oh I get it, I was confused that she..." - it was one of the most simplistic idiot proof plots - what's not to get???