Near Brush with Death

No not me - my fish...

Yes I have a fish - a beta fish - my co worker thought it would be really cute to get us Beta's - mine is red - her name is Roja or sometimes Rouge - depending on my mood. This fish has been an investment - quite a bit more than what I wanted in life.

She is a feisty one - which is fitting considering her owner - my other co worker got a blue one and she is pretty mellow - which is also fitting.

So my fish is filthy - she dirties her water daily - while the other fish (Easy E) keeps her water sparkling clean - I don't get it. So yesterday I had to change her water it was disgusting. I put these drops in vs the tablets I normally use. All of a sudden the feistiness was gone. She barely swam around - she was dying.

Oddly enough I actually freaked out - over a fish - but I have gotten somewhat attached. I didn't want her to die. So I got her out of there and changed out her water - fully expecting her to go belly up any moment. It took about half an hour and she began to come back to life - I was so relieved. Today she is her normal feisty self.

Did you know Beta's recognize their owners? I know it's odd - but every time I come to work and sit down she gets so excited - she just wants more blood worms (yes I said it, she eats blood worms ...mmmm mmm right?)

So that was the near brush with death - Of course today her water is already dirty!