Recently every outing with the gal pals has started to resemble a sitcom - We have decided the show will be called "Disgruntled: Single, Sassy and Screwed"

The pilot will include various antics the characters find themselves in
  • spraying chloroseptic spray at a baseball game when she can't get to the snack bar for a drink
  • daily battles with the apartment maintenance men - including the one that thought it's ok to leave explosive diarrhea behind in a tenants toilet
  • hoping to meet single guys at a game to then be surrounded by geriatrics
  • exclaiming to the printing guy "just don't screw me"
  • dealing with an apartment neighbor that has insisted on making the common grounds her front yard
  • announcing to the coffee shop workers that their system of business is inefficient and ridiculous
  • not understanding bean is a symbolic phrase for lesbian thus exclaiming she loves black beans
The pilot ending with the girls enjoying gelato only to then be attacked by a giant flying roach thus ending the evening as they scream and scurry away to their cars - the one friend having been inside and missed the incident has not a clue what happened or why the evening is now over. Cut to credits and music.


    left you a comment on my blog...but, just said that my girls who recently got married actually are happy with their men. i've seen them interact together as married couples and it's really good to see that the girls are happy!