Swinging From the Trees

Highlights & Lessons from The Canopy Tours

If you are a nature junkie, a heights junkie or just love swinging from the trees you'd love the Canopy Tours - Not only was it beautiful and educational (I sound like I should work for PBS) but it was tons of fun....

  1. The 20 something year old guides (male) asking a group of women ages 27-32 "so what school do you all go to?" - wow thanks!
  2. In regards to using a outhouse vs peeing behind a tree "If I squat behind a tree I'm liable to have a chicken peckin at my ass" (yes there were chickens running around the property.
  3. Originally we had heard about a lake they had on the property and thought it would be fun to swim - after seeing it however it quickly became labeled "Lake Typhoid" and was to be avoided at all costs - our guides did not agree with our label.
  4. Upon the guides showing us how to put our harness on - one friend whom shall remain nameless says "oh no worries, I have spent quite a bit of time in harnesses" - the room quickly grew silent, only to be followed by tear filled laughter.
  5. The constant banter between our group and our guides
  6. One friend asking the guide "do you ever zip down with people ?" (she was a bit timid of the heights) - his response "yeah with little girls" - that ended that discussion
  7. Lunch at Angels with a red laced bra, scrunchy wearing waitress referred to us as honey or in the plural sense honeies (not sure how to spell that plural form)
  1. Don't wear shorts - unless you love spending the next hour and half digging them out of all your knook and crannies - also this makes for great thigh shots in all your pictures - not flattering
  2. Bring your own gloves if the idea of wearing used sweaty gloves makes you want to wretch
  3. Our guides told us we were there best group and wished all his groups could be like us - it's only b/c we actually engaged in conversation with them - most groups just keep quite and maintain blank looks throughout the tour - a big boring for them.