As we get closer to election year...

Well it's that time - time to start bashing every political canidate running for President, Congressman and local dog watcher... My inbox has already been inindated with "reliable" material on the various canidates.

Right now the favorite canidates to bash in the good ol Bible Belt are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - of course. And yes often times canidates make it very easy for the gossip mill and bashers to get plenty of material out there against them.

Then latest being the "Barack Obama refuses to say the pledge, how in the world can he be our next President?" Just look at this picture - it's worth a thousand words. Well the full story has some worth too.

Well it wasn't the pledge, it was the National anthem - that was butchered by whomever was snging it. And you're also supposed to face the flag - which no one on this side of the stage is doing, at least not the one behind them. So what are they facing - we don't know - the now infamous 1000 word picture doesn't show us that.

But putting this story aside my point is - PLEASE DON'T base your political decisions and beliefs on junk email!!! Rarely are the emails valid or even verified - people are driving on emotion and they just forward it on blindly believing anything that is in front of them- along with some dumb pictures of animals dressed up as vegetables and humans and the latest and greatest inspirational story of the day. If these emails held any validity then the Prince of Niger does indeed need $2000 from you to save his life!

You can view the video here and read a bit more on this story.