Nail Salon Time Warp

Man those nail technicians have to be the most savvy sales people around - little known fact I do believe.

Yesterday I popped into a new nail salon on Burnet to get my brows waxed - let's just say Oprah was just coming on when I came in and Tom Brokaw was wrapping up the news when I left.

It went a little something like this...

- You get brow done? You want lip to? - No no lip thank you just brow.
- Oh lip only $4, it be much better for you- $4 huh? Ok do lip too.
- You want manicure and pedicure - it's 40% off this week - it be much better for you.
- No thanks just the waxing please.
- Oh but it's 40% off and it be much better for you.
-40% off huh? Ok I'll get it.
- You want deluc? - Um excuse me what? You want deluc? Ummm pardon, one more time please. Deluc you want deluc?
- Oh deluxe? Oh no thank you.
-But it 40% off this week and it much better for you.
-Now the customer next to me chimes in - I think she was a plant.
-Really the deluxe is better, they wrap your legs in hot towels and everything.
-Ok I'll get the deluxe.
-You want design on toe? Maybe turkey for thanksgiving.
-My eyebrows quirk up - she and other technician begin to laugh hysterically.

This goes on for a while - I can't understand most of what she is saying but she decides to talk about all kinds of things with me - I fake it and try to have somewhat of a conversation - something about the weather, something about her living in Ohio and something about I really should start waxing my legs... Thank you for that last piece of advice!

Next thing I know it's dark outside - I came in at 4pm and it's almost 6pm and my $6 brow wax has now turned into $40 with a generous tip. But it was "much better for me."


    On 5:37 PM KC said...

    This cracked me up! But I honestly can't believe that they ended up talking you into all of this. . . and that you held a (somewhat) conversation with the woman. Oh, what I would have paid to be a fly on the wall!

    On 10:00 AM Jules said...

    omg- that is so funny! you so pretty!