Was I dreaming of a white Thanksgiving?

No but I'll take it...

That's right - believe it or not Midland got several inches of snow for Thanksgiving - it was awesome.

Now flying out of Midland in the middle of a snow storm - NOT so awesome. They had to de ice the plane twice.

Love Southwest Airlines:
6:50 pm This is your captain speaking, bear with us as we de ice the plane we should be taking off momentarily.

7:30 pm This is your captain again, as you can see we have managed to find us in the middle of a snow storm, the wings may be icing over. I'm going to duck out of the cockpit here and check it out to see if I can see any ice.

- Me to neighbor - "did he just say he was going to try to see if there was ice - is that really the way we're going to handle this?"
-Neighbor - sniff sniff, blow nose and hack - yeah I guess so - man this just figures I really need to get home - hack hack

Pilot comes barreling down the aisle - looking out of the tiny passenger windows to see if he can see ice - now mind you it's DARK and SNOWING and the windows are all of 10 inches wide - great plan!

7:35pm - We're going to need to apply a level 4 de icer to the plane - now you may be asking why we didn't use a level 4 to begin with - simply put - it costs more.

8 pm - we finally take off - we were supposed to take off at 6:30 pm but who's counting. And it was a bumpy ride... but home at last!


    On 3:36 PM kimmie said...

    Ha! I love his comments about the Level 4. At least he was honest....glad you made it back safely!