Start Spreadin the News...

I'll be in NY in just a few weeks - so I'm taking suggestions. Restaurant you think I'll die if I don't go - dept store, fun find, amazing gallery, great club - all suggestions send them this way.

Also we are in heavy debates (not really, just very indecisive or non committal) on which Broadway show to see - I've already seen Wicked - any other suggestions?

(disclaimer: I am not a tourist trap person - so if a swarm of tourists donning fanny packs and Lady Liberty foam crowns are within a 10 mile radius count me out, thus one reason I'll be sleeping while others are trying to catch a 5am glimpse of Al Roker's bald head)


    I've seen THE LION KING on Broadway twice and would see it over and over again if I could - it's a fantastic production!


    check out MOSS