Life is harder with long nails

You know the lovely women of Great Nails did such a fabulous job that the nail biting freak I am hated to destroy their hard work - since I was there for an hour and half (see story here)!!

Yes I am a nail biter - I have resigned myself to this - I doubt it will change - but I really tried - and I painfully went almost two weeks without biting my nails. And discovered my nails grow like they are on steroids. I swear every day I was filing away trying to not look like I was on Dynasty.

But I discovered life is harder with nails. It's harder to take my contact out without stabbing my eye. It's harder to dial my phone, to type on the laptop. And they are harder to take care of.

So as of today I decided I am a short nailed girl - they are gone and I couldn't be happier!