Not Just For the Elderly Anymore...

So in order to keep my joints from going snap, crackle, pop because of spin etc. I have decided to go to hydro training class each week a.k.a water aerobics...I went to the "hard one" to avoid the elderly club.

Remember when you were a kid and you could stay in the pool for hours and you and your friends just did stupid stuff to keep you entertained like...
-clapping under water
-holding hands in a circle and running as fast as you could
-pulling each other around the pool with floaties (or noodles these days)
-doing jumping jacks in the water
-seeing how high you could jump
-seeing how fast you could jump or run

You get the picture - well that's basically what today's class entailed (instructor said it was an easy day) - Shawna and I felt like we were 10 years old again. My abs got a great workout because we laughed so hard. It was especially fun to entertain the on lookers from the club, it was like they were mesmerized by our goofiness. Because let's be honest, a group of adults seeing how fast they can clap under water with webbed gloves on is entertainment. Especially when everyone is smiling from ear to ear because we are laughing at ourselves. We looked like we were going to be taking "the short bus" home.

And to those hotties in the steam room, you know the guys with the perfect 6 packs that were staring and smiling at us the whole time, possibly even laughing... you know you want this - you want to be 10 again and look ridiculous, you may even really want the webbed water gloves!

Only downside of the evening was I was in danger of loosing my bottoms the entire time - so we'll need to rethink that situation for next week.


    On 7:29 PM Kris said...

    Hilarious! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall! No, actually, I would have loved to join you! Sounds fun!