Remember the South

There are a few things that are more honored than life in the south.... Iced Tea, the word y'all, the phrase fixin to and clinging to the Civil War....

This from my favorite blogger in the world who if we ever met would be my best friend for life (well she and Casey and I that is, because we would easily entertain each other for hours on end without even trying)....

A Conversation with Her Dad
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Daddy: “It’s been great having you home this weekend.”
Lincee: “Thanks Daddy! I’ve had fun.”

Daddy: “When are you coming back?”
Lincee: “I don’t know. I’m not sure of my work schedule this fall.”

Daddy: “You should come back for Hallsville Western Days.”

Lincee allows herself to reminisce for a few minutes remembering past Western Days. She recalls the energy restored in the small town as its citizens gear up for the rival football game, reuniting with old friends at the street dance downtown, the parade that consists of old cars, the volunteer fire truck and about a million tiny twirlers from the local dance school.

Daddy: “There’s going to be a Civil War re-enactment in our front yard.”
Lincee: stunned silence

Note to reader: We live on 15 acres.

Daddy: “I’m serious. The North is going to be over there and the South is going to be down there. They are going to battle right here in front of the house.”
Lincee: “Naturally.”

Daddy: “We had to move the chili cook-off to the west side of the property.”
Lincee: “Well that makes sense.”

Daddy: “There’s going to be an old-fashioned dance in the driveway and your Mother is hosting a tea in the house. She wants to dress up like Scarlet O’Hara.”
Lincee: “And she should.”

I’m going to go ahead and let you guess where I will be on October 3. Western Days can not come fast enough!


    On 12:46 PM Lincee said...

    I would totally be your best friend!