Know Your Audience

I'm a Craig's List junkie - have been for many many years now - not only can you find great crap but great stories - I mean hello let us not forget this is where I found the Erotic Handyman!

Well now I'm bike shopping - amazing how much these people think their bikes are worth but anyway - today I ran across a company selling messenger bags - this was their tag line...

Bag retails for $99 plus shipping. It is in perfect condition. Brown with bright reflective striping. Size large. You can fit a 30 pack of beer in this.

Well they are advertising to people in South San Marcos - home of "Texas State"* known by many as a party school.

A 30 pack of beer??? That's some bag! And now you have to get home with this giant bag of beer strapped to your back - let's picture the accident that could cause - man found laying in a pool of beer, story at 10.

*For non Texas readers, Texas State formally Southwest Texas State, it's a bit tongue and cheek that they were trying to shed the party school image thus changing their name , it is now a party school with a better name.