Twilight Series

To clarify, Breaking Dawn is the fourth and sadly the final installment to the Twilight Series. I and half of the female nation are highly addicted.

Would I recommend? Absolutely - Stephenie Meyer is a master author in my opinion, she knows how to suck her readers in and leave us shamelessly begging for more. I have also recommended The Host - which is her first adult novel.

The Twilight Series is categorized as young adult...but as Meyer says "categories should never keep you from reading a good book." And I agree.

However, it is about vampires - but just like The Host which is about alien is really more about the relationships between the characters. The vampire idea is really more of a prop, a setting. But if you can't get passed that then I guess I don't recommend.


    If you have the series, I would love to borrow it!! I saw the author on TV yesterday and I became intrigued...would love to read at least the first book!