Mr McGregor

Today I am relating to Mr McGregor - I just chased the mystery squirrel out of my yard with a rake - yep with a rake. For the last week something has been digging into my flower pots and digging annoying holes in my flower bed. Occasionally I find a pecan dug into the flower pot.

Today I caught him - bushy tail and all - but just because I was in my yard didn't mean it deterred him from just going to where I wasn't! So I had to keep chasing him till I finally chased him away. THEN he came back with a pecan in his mouth - I had to chase him away again!

Now I'm sitting in my yard with my smoothie, book and laptop - operation McGregor is in full swing - I must protect my plants! He's now burying it under a tree behind me - as if I can't see him. Trees are fine you idiot squirrel but leave my flowers alone!!!

What will keep him away, I've heard red pepper? I know I'm 80...