Sometimes the comments are just as great

So I got home from an event tonight feelin a little blue... Pulled up my bloglines and my favorite blogger has posted - yay this is sure to put me in a great mood... And boy did it....A cursing child story - who doesn't LOVE those - cause to be honest I was THAT cursing child that humiliated my mother and made her wonder what she was smoking when she decided to concieve me, on many many accounts.

Let's just say "Oh my God the Helllll" is my new favorite phrase!

What was great were the comments - everything from outrage to praise to readers sharing their own anectodes.

I remember the first time I cursed - reading what was in the movie pages - apparently I didn't like what I saw because I tossed the paper aside saying "DAMNIT!!" - then I froze as four sets of parental eyes stared at me in shock - oh uh did I say that outloud?

But this one is great! A reader shared it - I've never heard of this poem, but I promise mom if I have children no worries I will educate them in this.

When I was three – and sitting at a formal dinner table with my very religious grandparents and great-grandparents – I decided to recite the new poem my father had taught me.

Carnation milk is the very best brand
The very best brand in all the land
No tits to pull, no hay to pitch
Just punch a hole in the son of a bitch.

Apparently I sat there smiling, waiting for applause while my father tried to figure out how to crawl under the table without being noticed and my mother shot daggers at him with her eyes.