The airport marathon

Getting ready to fly these days is similar to preparing then running a marathon - for one simple reason, airport security.

The entire packing process has a whole new element - what will security allow me to take on the plane - and how will they insist I organize it.

Ok so packing issue number one - what has to go in the big bag and what can go in the small bag. Check.

Issue number two - what can I wear that I can make it through security without any major issues (emphasis on major not the word issues, we will all face issues in this process) and when I'm require to strip down then I have to get re dressed - what will be easy to put back on. So that leaves out...
  1. Boots of any kind
  2. Anything that requires a belt
  3. Anything lace up
  4. And make sure you get a pedicure if you care. And no holy socks!
  5. Also light on the jewelry - can't set every alarm off with that great necklace I just got at Francessca's.
  6. Oh that jacket's going to have to go - no way am I keeping track of that AND my shoes.
  7. Oh laptop, ok put that up front so I can easily take it out and put it in the tray WITHOUT a bag or security will have a coronary
  8. Small bag with liquid items - make sure that doesn't get buried or I will surely be strip searched.
  9. Where is my ID?
  10. Where is my boarding pass, he's looking right at me!
Ok I'm ready here we go - through the security line - I can do this - I will be successful, I have planned and prepared for this event for days now - they will not get me.

Then once you make it through you have to HUSTLE to get all your stuff back together and get dressed again because the line is still moving behind you. ARGH if I can just get myself somewhat together so I can find a spot to put my laptop back in it's bag, my liquid items back up, my shoes...where are my shoes? Ok got the shoes, I can see the light - the gates are right there I'm almost home free. Wow look at that poor woman she even had to take her scarf on. And that poor guy he's going to be there for a while. They should have gone into training like I did, learned my lesson last time I practically got arrested for having a Pierrier bottle in my purse.

Dressed, re packed and ready to go - wow I did it, I made it. All that training was worth it...really glad I did a dry run at the house with my airport security trainer - now I can go to my gate and...and....uh... sit I guess. I need some water.


    On 2:33 PM Kris said...

    Now imagine going through all that with a newborn or toddler and all their junk! Did I mention by yourself and with a stroller that must be folded and put on the conveyor belt! It is too bad I love my family and want to see them because otherwise it is totally not worth it! I hope you have fun in Midland! I wish we were there, too!