The birds and the bees - Or who's oven are we using?

Time is flying by at a speed I am having a hard time keeping up with. The other day my sister and I were discussing surrogacy, she has a friend that was one for two families.

My 11 year old niece has always been the ears of the family, she listens to everything we say! So of course ears over there pipes in with "what's a surrogate?"

Uhhhh - and for some odd reason I start answering?!! Then I realize shoot what if this isn't an ok discussion - you know how parents are... So I look over to Julie with this question mark on my face and she says it's fine Ave knows where babies come from. Ok but in my mind I am now questioning the terminology for things. I'm not sure what words they use (sperm and egg, or are we talking flower and pollen lingo here) so the conversation proceeds into something like this.

Well it's when you take a woman's egg and a man's sp..sp..sp...
(uh oh panic moment why can't I say sperm?)

sp..sp...sp... the man's seed (oh yea seed is MUCH better, now I've thoroughly confused her) and you put it, well you place it, uh.... (geeze what am I doing here, she's going to ask how they get it in the other woman, I'm crashing and burning)

It's like baking your cookies in an oven - except your oven doesn't work so you use someone elses oven.

She actually got it - my face was beat red, it was hotter than Hades in there - and when I looked over, Julie was hiding the biggest grin in the world behind the laptop - jerk!

I'm not ready for teenagers.


    On 7:51 AM Kris said...

    That is so funny! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that!

    On 10:13 AM kimmie said...

    Seed? SEED?

    Yeah, excellent choice.

    Can't wait for your first children's book to be published ;)

    On 9:00 AM Marleah said...

    That's hilarious! Maybe Julie will just call you over when it's time to have "the talk" with Cami and Ty.

    On 12:33 PM malita said...

    Cami probably already knows - that kid is unreal!

    On 11:05 PM crystal said...

    BRAVO DAH-LING! You get an A+!!!!

    On 2:39 PM Anonymous said...

    oh Malita, I just read this and LAUGHED so loud. awesome. i stand in awe. and that seed thing? very biblical.