Adopt adopt adopt for Christmas!!!

Ok let's be honest - we're all cutting back this Christmas and by cutting back I mean we eat out twice a week rather than four - yes?

So I'm in charge of Keller Williams Angel Tree this year. I was told adopt three senior citizens, well I was actually told two but I fanagled one more in there. It's because the tree is a mix of refugees from war torn countries, Keller Williams families etc. But I knew once I looked at the bureau's list it was going to be hard just to stick to three.

Many of these seniors want things like a blanket, an electric can opener, and that's it!

So sure enough I look at the list today, families, disabled and seniors - tears streaming down my face! I wanted to take them all. People on there were saying things like "I have to choose between rent this month and the electric bill so I don't have money for gifts".

So I'm using all my internet pull at this moment to beg (not ask) but beg you to adopt an individual or family this Christmas. Even if your church or work is doing it - grab an extra etc. Take the money for one night of eating out and use it towards this. Please!

Austin Christmas Bureau Website


    Hey we were going to do an angel tree gift. Can we select our from the Keller William Angel tree or is it just for your office?
    Thanks for encouraging MO!

    On 2:44 PM malita said...

    I'll email you - I adopted 5 families LOL