Dollar makeup - yes please, I'll take it all

Bless you Miss Nobles for blogging this.

So ELF cosmetics is selling out their stock for $1 most items, some items are $2. I just hit the mother load!!!!!!!

Rumor is they did this last year as well - or they have been bought out and changing their packaging - or I really don't care just give me that lip gloss because it's a FREAKING DOLLAR!!!

And men, they have great gift stuff so this blog's for you too.

Ps - spend $30 or more - put in FREESHIP2008 as your coupon and your $7 shipping charge is waved.

ELF Cosmetics Website


    On 12:16 PM Kris said...

    Hey, I got sucked into this last year and had a whole cart full when I started researching! This brand can be bought at KMart and I believe that those are the regular prices! At any rate it is not very expensive to begin with! Just wanted to make sure you knew because I was told it was a Macy's brand!

    On 2:32 PM malita said...

    LOL - that is hysterical - well we don't have a Kmart and even if we did I'd rather roll naked in broken glass before I went there - so this is still awesome to me...