Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes

So far 2009 is proving to be a very big transition year for me. And it's not always easy to transition into a completely new world. At times I just want to chuck it all and curl in bed with my favorite soft blanket and watch old movies and read my books. But even if I had the luxury of that lifestyle I'd be bored and irritable by the end of the week. I'm a "do.er" and a do.er must do!

I ran across this blog today - it is a truly inspirational story - if being ambushed on a trail by a mountain lion can't keep you down - nothing will!

Some favorite quotes (courtesy of Anne Hjelle)

I have learned valuable lessons. By telling my story, I hope others can reap the benefits of the challenges I have endured, without having to experience the pain.

Throughout my recovery, I waged a mental battle against negativity; I was determined to live my life as an example—as a warrior.

With God’s help, I have learned to conquer fear in my life.

determined to prove to myself that I was not held prisoner by the trauma I had suffered.

I realized that I determined how others reacted to me. Even on days when I lacked self-confidence, I chose to put on a smile. I acted strong when I didn’t feel strong—and before long, I was strong!