Facials and fun

This is what happens when an only child grows up to be an adult...

So this was Garland's first facial. It started by me plucking his eye brows- to avoid the infamous uni brow. I then decided it was necessary to Nair his brows for better results - then light bulb, we need to do a facial!

Event went something like this.

G: I think my cucumbers are sliding.
M: No they are fine.

G: Baby i'm sliding, i'm slidin...
M: I promise you aren't sliding.

M: Quit scrunching your face.
G: I can't help it, it feels weird.

M: Stop acting like I am hurting you.
G: I can't help it, it's weird!!


    On 8:30 AM Kris said...

    Hilarious! I don't think I would ever get B to comply with doing a facial! However, he did get a mani/pedi over the Christmas break and enjoyed it! I believe his exact words were, "If somebody wants to rub my feet I will let them!"


    Oh my gosh I am laughing to hard right now! Real men get facials G!!