Friday Fun!

How many people have a friend that would come into town JUST to see them!! Well that's my weekend and I'm pretty pumped - Candice can't wait to you get here - and can't wait for Fado's bloody mary brunch - which our entire weekend is revolving around! Lush twins take the town (joke)!

But until then an entire day must be used up - if your stuck at work and need entertainment - or your like me and don't go to bed before 1AM - then here are some sites for your enjoyment... warning - these are my faves and the most ridiculous around...

  1. Black People Love Us - and for those that know my heritage and my life - you'll appreciate!
  2. Engrish - oh the memories of being in Istanbul ordering off the engrish menu - "food with meat please"
  3. Gallery of regrettable food - did you grow up with Jello glop on the Sunday lunch table too??

Have fun, and in the words of R.Kelley "it's the freakin weekend baby I'm gonna have me some fun!"


    On 1:19 PM Erin Ivey said...

    welcome to the blog world, malita!

    On 12:20 PM Curt Henry said...

    I'm lovin this already. You have truly been depriving us all of this unmathced wit and humor. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for new posts.