The Newest O'Brien

Tyler Jay O'Brien born 4:22 pm Tuesday July 25, 2006 - 7lbs 4 oz
Julie is my pseudo sister - the O'Brien family and my family have been close for over 15 years. Originally Julie's sister in law was supposed to phototgraph the birth - she is away this month and was unable to do this - so I hesitantly stepped up - only hesitant because the birthing process is ICK!!!
However, it was an amazing day - as soon as we started calling people that weren't able to be there their first question was "How did Julie do?" Second question was "How did Malita do?"
I was to amazed to pass out or get grossed out - for one - he came out in about a minute - Julie didn't even have to push - amazing right. Now don't get me wrong it was gross!!! But it was also amazing! I'm thankful for being able to share in this moment with people I love.