Solace in My Obsessions

I am a very determined person - when I have a goal nothing better get in my way. I obsess over it, plan it out in my head to the Nth degree and if there is a roadblock then watch out as I pull out the bazooka to get rid of it.

For instance - if I decide today I want a new camera, by this weekend. Then I research the hell out of it, think about it non stop, search high and low for the best deal and drive myself NUTS till I get it. Once I get it I'm fine, I can now go on with my life. This is called an obsession children - say it with me now O.B.S.E.S.S.I.O.N

Recent obsessions include: (in no particular order)

  • New Coffee Maker - Not just any old coffee maker, I've been there and done that - I am shooting for the dream now - I'm about to turn 30 it's time I bought the coffee maker I have always wanted! The Cuisinart Grind & Brew - ahahhahah - And thank you eBay for such a wonderland deal!
  • New Mp3 player for when I work out - something smaller than the one I use for everyday living
  • Moving - my goal is to have a clean, efficient and speedy move - this has taken a lot of planning people
  • Photographing my new "nephews" birth
  • Email - this is a constant obsession
  • MySpace - ugh this dammed addiction
  • Work - 24/7
  • Cell Phone (can you see I'm a gadget fool?)
  • New Cable Service (the install took 4 hours!!!!)
  • Finding new routes for walking the dog - oh this has been fun and gorgeous! Hour walks through the Northwest Hills will do a body pain - er I mean good
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Laying out the design and furniture placement of our already over crowded new house.

If you will notice all of the following contribute in some way shape or form to my addictions

  • Coffee
  • Internet
  • Internet Shopping
  • Product Research
  • Gadgets!!! (oh this is a big one)
  • Walking - I know this sounds strange but I drive myself nuts if I don't at least go for a walk everyday - If it's bad weather I'll settle for the gym.
  • Nesting (I have done this since I was a kid - I used to get catalogues and lay out new rooms)
  • efficiency (I think I was an efficiency expert in my former life)
  • Photography
  • Certain TV shows that I have been without for 3 weeks - ughhh I'm melting - I see a bright light is that you Lord, can you come back when Project Runway is finished? (oh loosen up good Baptist it's only a joke!)

At some point I start to drive myself nuts - I am there now - they are coming to take me away... I hope they have TV, Internet and Coffee....