Oddities of the Week

A few oddities of the past couple of weeks deserves some sharing... This is in somewhat of a list format as a tribute to my former roommate... Kim Rubsam Rama (LOL - that makes me smile) or KimaRama (that also makes me smile)

  1. Taking the trash I notice a large VERY dead tree in the dump - pine tree with silver tinsel on it - could this possibly be someone's Christmas tree - would they just now be throwing it out???
  2. Boudreaux's Butt Paste: I was subjected to a baby shower Sunday. 30 women sitting around eating chocolate and talking about three things - their own deliveries, their children and sales. Killing me softly... So Julie gets Butt Paste in one of her gift bags and she is SO excited! So me being not only the ONLY single person but most importantly the ONLY being without a child, innocently (but apparently stupidly) asked "what is butt paste?" Dead silence followed by giggling and a woman ACTUALLY saying "oh honey if you don't know I don't think we should tell you" --- Oh I'm sorry I mean I am a college graduate and have managed to have a career and be a responsible adult, but apparently because I have not birthed a child I couldn't possibly be let in on the butt past secret. So I said "is it for when the baby craps too much you can spackle the hole shut?" Luckily that got quite the laughter so I followed it by saying "I mean when I was a baby I think the mom's just used regular spackle from the hardware store, nice to see we have evolved". (I later remembered cyclist use this nifty paste for well you can figure it out - but I, unfortunately, didn't think of that at the time - I bet "they" don't know it's used for anything else than a baby's butt)
  3. A small elderly Indian man coming out of his house to relax on his porch with only a long sleeved button down shirt on....
  4. The movie "The Producers" - apparently the entire cast was on speed while making this film - it is the most HYPER movie I have ever seen.
  5. Standing in church very close behind a man that smelled of onions and cigarettes - a bit distracting.
  6. An elderly woman watering her yard in shorts, tshirt and black dress shoes
  7. A boy riding down the street on a unicycle - Audrey (the dog) almost made him fall off - I laughed, hard, on the inside...
  8. 15+ deer (and that really isn't an exaggeration) surrounding a car while the driver fed them by hand... all they did when we got there was stare us down -I thought the one with the largest antlers (huge rack) was going to charge us...
  9. Odd commercials:

a. Hummer - feeling bad about yourself, someone make you feel small...bullying you around? Go buy a Hummer, it gets 5 miles to the gallon and gas is $3 a gallon and rising... but hey America you have money to burn and nothing better to spend it on...go for it! Wonder if oil companies own Hummer...

b. Little Richard and Charo selling Geico insurance - actually it's pretty friggin hilarious.


    The Little Richard commercial was quite odd, and a little rushed. Where as the Charo commercial, was oh so good. ohhh sooo good, it has trumped my last favorite spot, Nextel's "push it"

    On 5:29 PM mish said...

    old indian man in only a shirt. interesting.

    the producers. i caught myself singing "it's spring time for hitler in germany" at the grocery store then silently declaring to myself "what the heck am i singing". i think you've accurately described the movie.

    On 3:41 PM kimmie said...

    1) Thanks for the tribute
    2) Actually, when you put it all together, I'll be Kim A. Rama. kimarama!!! Muwhahahaha!