Austin's "Diversity"

This came across my desk a few days ago - deed restrictions for Sunset Valley - for those that don't know Sunset Valley is just off Brodie and Hwy 290 (South Austin) it used to be it's own little town but Austin swallowed it up - however it is still a township so if you live there you don't pay Austin city taxes, they have a separate Police Dept etc...

So these are deed restrictions (tells you what you can and can not do with the land/lot in a particular subdivision) - the problem was this area really doesn't have subdivisions the way Austin does so you just get deed restrictions from the town as a whole - and they are VERY dated - these particular restrictions were dated June 14, 1947

"No part of the premises here conveys shall hereafter be conveyed to, owned by, held for, or rented to any person EXCEPT of Caucasian descent; provided, however, that the plause shall not prevent the employment of persons or other descent to work on the premises herein conveyed."

WOW - if you have difficulty reading lawyer jargon basically it says only white folks can own or rent the land - unless you are working for said white person and you need to live in the back house...

HYSTERICAL - obviously these are not valid anymore but apparently the person that sent them to me didn't read them before they sent them. Think I'll be shreading them before I get a call from Jesse Jackson.


    wow, dont let stone phillips get a hold of it either