Odd Movie Rental Weekend

There is just not much out there in movie rental land - and that's a shame when you want a lazy couch weekend - so here it goes - the good the bad and the ugly if you will.

  1. The Great New Wonderful - mmmm ????? - not much else to say on this one - it was very very odd (and not in a great indie sort of way) - now I love thinkers I love to finish a movie and be able to ponder on it for hours, days even, peeling away the layers of the onion - those glorious aha moments - but this one was so disconnected that we literally found ourselves talking over huge chunks of dialogue and not needing to rewind once - ps I swear my co horts and I could work for mystery science theater - and this would be a great MST flick.
  2. Love's Long Journey - Michael Landon JR produced this Jannette Oak series - she is a Christian author and is fabulous - this series is so wonderful - much more of a female driven audience by far - but it is a beautiful series that tugs your heart - they hit a home run in expressing Christ's love, faith and endurance. And it has cutie men's in it, including James Tupper from the new cute TV show Men in Trees.
  3. The Lake House - Oh my gosh, I have heard so many mixed reviews on this one - and at first I thought this is going to be just like the Message in a Bottle which I hated - but it wasn't and I loved it, definitely one of those films you can ponder on discuss, dissect and mull around hours later. And the music was great.
*All reviews are in my humble opinion of course - give or take them.


    I totally watched the Lake House this weekend too! I liked it - although I think Sandra Bullock needs to seriously reconsider her short haircut - it was too choppy for me. By the way, I am coming to Austin later this week for a conference - I hope we can hang out!