They Really Are a Crock!

You too can look like an oversized toddler: I mean if Rosie is their fashion icon, it's time to bail...

I do not heart crocs! What in the holy sam hill has happened to this world - apparently Mickey Mouse has taken over the fashion footwear and it is ok to look like a clown! I mean on a child it's fine - just like bibs, diapers etc - but on an adult it's just sad!! (oh and nurses walking halls all day long.... ok, but after hours out of the toddler shoes please)

Thankfully the "hard working" blog community has also taken up this stance and is pumping out some pretty hysterical info on the anti Croc stand.... but when I start seeing wedding parties being fitted for the mickey mouse clown shooes I just have to shudder...

Wedding Croc? Croc's with Socks?
(this is what pushed me over the edge)

The Gallery of Horrors Indeed!

I - Me Too!!


    congrats on stepping forward. I agree. its not all about comfort. You dont see me wearing pajamas everywhere now do you.

    On 1:19 PM rob said...

    oompa loompa?

    On 11:24 AM Anonymous said...

    i happened upon your blog, and now i'm a little depressed. what do you heart? i heart reading new blogs, even if they are complaints, because that's what this domain is all about. but then again, i also heart crocs - especially for gardening because i can hose them off. although, i have worn them in public and i'm not a nurse, but i do value comfort.

    On 9:32 PM La Vie en Curlsz said...

    Dear Anonymous,
    I'm sorry you are so easily depressed...have you seen a doctor about this? I heart anonymous blog comments...not really.