Did I Say That?

Wow a month since a new blog post - eh life has gone on right? Good!

I am not one for New Year's Resolutions - I make resolutions every day - in fact my business coach has me fill out what is called a 411 - On this you list out personal and business goals for the year, month, week and daily - It's a New Year's resolution 24/7.

The other day on my very early morning walk (yes me walking in the morning shocking eh?) I realized how many of my goals have been reached over the year - and how incredibly happy I am over that - I found myself saying phrases I NEVER thought I would be saying.


*I am loving walking in the morning - really I am. The oddity of this is I have fought it for so long, I am the Queen of night owls and the pauper of morning people - I can stay up till 2,3 am no problem but get up before 8am - even 8 is painful. But considering it gets so dark by 6pm in the winter and isn't cool enough to walk till 7pm in the summer - evening walks just haven't been an option - So yes I LOVE walking in the morning!

* I love being 30! It's everything I heard it would be and I love it - you know yourself so much better, your so much more sure of yourself and have such a clearer sense of direction.

*I love my job - I have had such a hard time finding my career niche that now that it has happened I am blown away - Do what you love and you'll love what you do - It's a statement of fact.

Identifying what I love has made me push through the obstacles to my goals - it's cold and gray outside and my bed is so plush and warm - but I love the feeling of the morning brisk walk and the satisfaction that my workout is complete - plus I'm working every day to my fitness goals - so I get up and go.

I'll let you know when my Dr. Malita Identifying Your Loves book is out - or rather Oprah will let you know.