What is IF?

So I braved the freezing cold and misty rain this morning to walk the hood - I am about 40 minutes away from my house and I see this sign on a traffic barricade that says IF and there is an arrow - so of course I think "If what?"

I look around - no other signs - nothing so I keep going. A few minutes later I come to another sign - once again it says "IF" - briefly I say to myself "Self, do you think a movie is being shot in this area - well when I get home I will look that up..."

Oh no need b/c when I rounded the corner I found my self smack dab in the middle of a production set! Here I am dressed for the Antarctic with only my eyes, noes and mouth exposed (picture wife of una bomber) and there is a movie or something being shot - and to add to it all walking towards me is this GORGEOUS guy with sandy brown hair a little above his shoulders - he looks as if he should be on the fishing boat - "Your a brave woman to be out here in this junk. Yeah tell me about it..."

I refrained from saying "Whatchyall doing out here - shooting a movie?" (insert southern drawl)

But after looking it up I can't find anything - is IF a production company, the name of a movie - what? Were they shooting a scene from Friday Night Lights (TV version) - I guess I'll have to ask my inside source on that last one....

Any ideas?