Farewell Old "Friend"

I sit on my big olive green couch writing this blog - preparing to say adieu.... to the couch that is.

Yes today is my last day with the big overstuffed green couch, ottoman and large chair - they are heading to Dallas this weekend - to meet their new owners. Luckily they are going to a good home - I hope my dear friends Brent, Rebeca and baby Caroline will enjoy them as much as I have.

Ok - I am normally NOT sentimental to belongings - and really it's not the furniture itself, but more what they signify in my life. This set of furnitures was the first major purchase after college graduation. It was the newest furniture I had ever owned (I still have the bed frame that my grandparents had from 1930!) and for the first time it was mine - not a hand me down from a roommates uncle's mother - but mine!

To top it off - I paid it off early! I was so proud - I still remember walking in to Star Furniture in Bryan Texas to make a payment thinking I had one more to go, they handed me my receipt with a zero balance - Not wanting to question it but curiosity getting the best of me I piped up stating that I thought I had one more payment. "You have consistently paid on time and therefore have an early payment bonus, you have no remaining payments"

In my heart, I jumped for joy...

But it's time to move on - so farewell old "friend". Unfortunately, I will be without a couch for a week - we're going to have to get creative on this one - it's like college all over again, how fitting.


    On 6:18 PM kimmie said...

    The green couch is gone? What will you put in its place?