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First there was the rats, then the nutria (just a larger version of the rats), then the possum in the walls (even larger versions of the rat and nutria), then the sex crazed squirrels, oh and let's not forget about the vulture!!! Now a snake!!!

I was minding my own business, watering the plants on the porch (thanks Stephanie for the plants their lovely!) and next thing I know something is slipping his little head out of my watering can parallel to my arm! YEP!!! That's right, living in my watering can on my front porch a snake. And mind you I carried this can around a bit, watered a few plants and THEN he made his debut! Right by my arm.

Well needless to say I stood in the yard screaming snake, don't open the front door open the garage there is a snake. Yeah, blocking the front door now, thank God for the garage otherwise I was going to have to take a dive through a window!

An urban wild kingdom, 7 miles from downtown!


    Is the water all over the porch a result of dropping the can once you saw this foul creature? What a funny post, I laughed out loud!