You spin me right round baby round round...

So I've decided after a TWO year hiatus to get back into spin. It's a frightening thought because as anyone who's taken it will tell you it's an intense class and the instructors are usually certifiable insane.

So after much prayer, chanting and delay I finally got back into the saddle so to speak... One word "ouch".

You know you are out of shape when the last 10 minutes of class you are planning your throw up strategy. If I throw up in my towel will anyone notice, will I be able to finish the class and then sneak it out? Luckily I made it, without hurling. It was close though.

It will get better and I know this - it's so fun I can't believe I stopped doing it! It's also addicting.

I also have a tip for you - if you are going to take a core strengthening class it's definitely worth taking friends along - nothing makes you look more ridiculous than trying to get on a giant ball on your knees. I told my friends we looked like circus bears in training and if I get up I want a treat. Half of the class was spent laughing our asses off at each other, we even got in trouble by the instructor. That's worth the effort right there!!


    Count me in the next time you go! Way to get back on the saddle girl!