My Plea for Dual Citizenship

This summer I have been absolutely MISERABLE!! I hate hate hate Texas summers with a vengeance, and the fact that it is hot till October really pisses me off!! But today only reached 86 degrees, can you believe it!!! I'm not even that tan this summer because I can't handle the heat! But today I had to take advantage of the weather, so I chucked the spin shoes in favor for the tennis shoes and hit the trail. Wow it was great, I really miss being outside and on the trails...sigh.

My fantasy every summer is to pick up and move to Canada - and I am very serious here, if I could find a way to make it happen I would. Though I love winter I am not sure if I could handle their winters. I have always been attracted to eastern Canada because of the French Canadian culture and the Northern Woods, however as my friend from Ottawa informed me last night their winters average at NEGATIVE 40 degrees. I don't even know what that is, I have no concept of what negative 40 would feel like! He then informs me maybe I should live in western Canada because their winters only get to neg zero or neg 10 degrees, ummm excuse me!? Yeah thats a heat wave friend!!

So plan A still in effect, Texas January - May...Canada June - December!!! It's on...