It's the final countdown....

And applause to those that saw this title and actually sang the song... And a standing ovation to those that pictured Job and his magic trick excuse me his illusions while this song played in the background... Now on to the business at hand.

I am going to be a major looser this week - first of all Breaking Dawn hits the shelves midnight Friday - and guess who is accompanying Elissa and Nory to Borders for the midnight book release - dork one, dork two and dork three...

But we've promised each other if it's lame and a bunch of suburban mom's and their teenagers we'll hit the bar instead. Stay tuned, I'm sure we'll end up people watching for at least an hour - I'm already making predictions on what we will see... $5 we have those that come in full Bella/Edward costume!

SO 4 days till I will be cloistered in my room until I finish!


    On 10:18 AM kimmie said...

    I'm picturing doves flying, flames and smoke erupting and random cards being strewn about the stage.

    Standing ovation for me indeed.

    I'm not familiar with this you'd recommend, I guess?